Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dear friends,

You may remember "Flick's Studio" on Loch Lomond Rd, built by Flick Rahke a few years back and used by the First Room Theatre Guild as well as Da Plastique for rehearsals, workshops, meetings and some great dance parties for a while. We also had our offices there. Brian McCracken became the owner a while back and we had to move out. Anyway, Brian wants to sell it and we would love to get the space back as a workshop and rehearsal space and perhaps put our offices there again. It has a large 1500 sf space, 30 x 50 with beautiful oak flooring and a high ceiling. Brian has put two little decks off the side of the studio space lookihng out over the forest park and added two bedrooms, a bathroom and an office area downstairs. This is all unfinished, but once finished would likely enable the building to be rented such that it would pay for itself, or at least that's our hope if we can manage to get it back so the Guild can use it again. So it's a great opportunity for us to get a space we desperately need. We want to make Brian an offer to sell it to us or someone who would allow us to use it, but we need to find someone local who would qualify to get a loan-someone who has a good job history and good credit. That's the puja. Let me know if you can think of anyone. Your prayers and intention are invited. See us using the space and creating exciting Transcendental Realist theatre there.


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